Bell 1 CK-4/SN 15w40
$10/Liter (Diesel)

Package Includes:

  • 31 points Safety Check
  • Fully Synthetic Engine Oil – Up to 4 Litres
  • Labour
  • Coolant, wiper tank reservoir

Free Additional Service:

  • Clean Air Filter
  • Clean Air-Con Filter
  • Tyre Rotation if Applicable
  • Check & Top-up Tyre Pressure
Please contact Alvin @ 87783636 for more information.
Terms & Condition
Engine Oil top-up for an additional at $10/litre
Oil Filter additional $20 - $30
*All prices listed are subjected to GST. Pro-rated charges apply for an additional top-up of engine oil & oil filter.
**Prices listed are for Japanese & Other Asian makes. Continental Makes cost an additional $20.